Spray Chamber

Humidification will:

Improve regain
Maintain yarn strength
Reduce yarn shrinkage
Reduce yarn shrinkage
Reduce static build-up
Maintain product weight
Reduce fly and micro-dust

Correct air conditioning is also of benefit to the machines as they operate most efficiently when constant atmospheric conditions are maintained all the year.

Spray Arrangment

It serves the purpose of saturating the air thereby cooling it and removing from the air a portion of dust held in the suspension.

Small centrifugal type nozzles delivering fine spray having the highest practical saturating efficiency. Spray nozzles are designed to avoid clog.

The air washer is equipped with intake louvers to straighten the air stream. Stainless steel frames, access window and mounting arrangements.

The special design of eliminator plates limits the static pressure losses at higher air velocities.

Evaporated water is replaced by float valves; the rest of water is recycled and filtered through CONAIR’s Water Rotary Filter to reduce nozzle clogging.